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This is only advice and tips on storing your classic car for the winter, with specific examples of bad things that have happened to my friends over the years. This is simply for 'AWARENESS'. I'm not responsible for any actions that occured or that could occur.
It's time for winter storage!! Is your space safe?!
Here are a few knowledge tips from me, Jayson Helenske, former Hagerty Insurance Agent.
If you have Hagerty, your classic car insurance covers your ride year-round at GUARANTEED INSURED COVERAGE! (the price you insure your car is the pay-out at time of a total loss)
If you have every day car insurance and not classic insurance, get in touch with me for the right coverage!! 
Fires!! During the winter months of classic car storage, FIRE is all too common!
Did you know?  MANY complete, total losses occur during the winter months to classic cars?
A. Owner did not disconnect the battery cables and a 'short' happened in the vehicle and burned.
A.  Faulty heaters in storage facilities, including space heaters. FIRE!
A. Vandals steal cars from winter storage and even your parts! Some people put there car in storage, the place isn't manned or seen by anyone for a long time, and appears vacant. Crimesters adore that scenario.
Snow is a different example of DANGER for winter storage!
SNOW accumulates on roofs over months of storms, melting snow develops into ice and ice dams, wind damage to a roof and the weight of snow! That can cause the roof to collapse and your car is a total loss or BADLY damaged.
There are a lot of scenario's of risks during winter storage!
Be aware of the 'potentials' and be proactive on your classic car insurance.

Jayson Helenske
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