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Selling My Collection - 68 Javelin SST, 71 AMX, 68...
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Finally got the cars out and took 40 pictures of each and 2 videos of each. These will likely be on Ebay by tomorrow, but here are the links to the videos with all 4 running and a quick walk around. The longer videos should be uploaded later of driving the cars. The pictures will be on the Ebay listing(s). If anyones interested, let me know. Still would prefer to sell them as a lot, but if I have to separate them here is what I will be looking for out of each, firm, without any spare parts unless noted:
1971 AMX - $20,000 - would include some spare parts, new digital gauges, new MSD Atomic EFI, new mini-starter & new exhaust manifold gaskets.
1968 Javelin SST - $15,000 - would include power steering setup (used) & new throwout bearing (this one occasionally makes noise)
1968 Rebel SST - $8,500 - would include NOS tail lights
1968 American - $3,500 - no extra parts
Or buy them all pre-ebay for $42,000 with every spare part I have. Have a few transmissions, 3 or 4 rear ends, extra gears, lots of 71-74 interior trim, can't recall what else but plenty. Otherwise I'm pretty firm on the prices above unless for the 71 someone didn't want any of the new stuff, that's $3,000 alone.
Video Links:
71 AMX:
68 Javelin SST:
68 Rebel SST:
68 American:
Hi everyone,
Considering selling off my collection if I have anyone interested. Would prefer to sell them as an entire lot, would include every spare part I have. The cars are:
1968 AMC Javelin SST 4-Speed 343 Car
1971 AMC Javelin AMX Automatic 360 Car
1968 AMC Rebel SST Automatic 343 Car
1968 AMC American 2 Door Automatic 232 Car
The first two are very nice drivers, both big bad orange, very decent all around. The third is pretty much original, decent car all around. The American is a black plate California car pretty much original. Like any old car, even the first two could use a few things but all around this is a nice set. Not that it matters but I have around $60,000 in these, not including any time. If sold altogether I would be looking at around $45,000 obo. I will get some pics and more info together as an email if your interested, but the best would be to come take a look at everything.
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